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Benefits of Computer Rental for UK Business

Leasing is the most popular method of equipment acquisition for sole traders partnerships, local authorities, private and public companies’ alike.

No business would dream of paying for an “asset” like an employee three years in advance, so why pay for your I.T. equipment upfront when your business is going to derive the benefits over the next 3 years.

The Main Customer Benefits are:

Computer Leasing Tax Benefits

When it comes to tax benefits, there is no doubt that you are significantly better off by choosing to lease. When you purchase outright, although you do get some tax relief, it is much less than the allowances you receive on a computer lease arrangement.

All computer rental payments are 100% allowable against tax, unlike other methods of acquisition, such as cash purchase for example, where only 25% of the price may be offset against tax in the first year.

Example: 3 year computer finance agreement  
Cash Purchase Compulease Agreement
Cost - £10,000 – paid Day 1 Year 1 Rentals £1045 per qtr Payable over 12 quarters
Year 1 £10,000 x 40% = £4,000 Year 1 4 qtrs x £1020 = £4,080
Year 2 £6,000 x 25% = £1,500 Year 2 4 qtrs x £1020 = £4,080
Year 3 £4,500 x 25% = £1,125 Year 3 4 qtrs x £1020 = £4,080
Tax Allowable Expenditure After 3 years = £6,625 Tax Allowable Expenditure After 3 years = £12,240
  Tax Advantage of Lease: £5,615
In addition you do not have to outlay the £10,000 on day 1 and this can be left in your business or earning interest


Computer Leasing allows your business to get what it needs not what the capital budget will allow

If you have a capital budget of £50,000 a year for three years, it is only possible for to purchase £50,000 of equipment each year. By using Compulease™, you can equip your business with over £135,000 of equipment right now

Modern equipment with no capital outlay

The very latest equipment can be obtained without utilising valuable working capital, thereby leaving money available for more profitable use within your business.


The customer is never left with obsolete equipment as they can upgrade throughout the lease period to ensure they always have the very latest equipment.

Hedge against inflation

Computer rental payments are fixed for the full period of the lease. This enables accurate forward budgeting and the luxury of paying for today’s equipment with tomorrow’s devalued money.

Allows Accurate Forward Planning

As the computer rentals are fixed for the term of the agreement which allows you to budget accurately your outgoings and avoid any unnecessary capital outlay

Preserves existing credit facilities

Bank and other loan arrangements remain intact because computer leasing preserves existing credit lines.

Why should a business lease?

A piece of capital equipment is not like a rare antique of piece of jewellery which will increase in value over a period of time. Capital equipment devalues quickly over time, therefore the customer would be better served by allowing his money to work for him within his business rather than tie it up in a piece of capital equipment which is going to devalue.

Would a business dream of paying an employee three years salary in advance? No, they would pay for the employee as he works for them. Computer leasing works in the same way, allowing the customer to pay for the equipment as they use it.

Compare these presentations:

Your business can have purchase a piece of equipment for £20,000. It will enable your business to save £2500 a month, giving you a payback of only 8 months.


Your business can begin using this product today for only £500 per month. It will save you £2500 a month, giving you a positive cash flow over the lease payments of £2000 per month from the first month.

More than Just Hardware

Your Compulease™ agreement can include hardware, software, installation and even training, in fact any kind of capital equipment is applicable.

Software Only

Compulease™ can also provide a facility for “software only” so you can take advantage of all the benefits even if there’s no hardware involved.

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