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Plasma and LCD Screens

TAX FREE Plasma Screens

FREE 42" plasma with every network
Lease 4 laptops and get one FREE!

The introduction of “High Definition TV” is set to revolutionise TV in the same way that CD players did with music. HD television sets eliminate ghosting, poor sound quality and “snow” just as CD did away with hissing and scratches on records. The emphasis therefore from both the business and consumer is on high quality screens which can deliver the quality images they require.

Compulease™ supplies an unrivalled and complete range of Plasma screens and LCD screens to rent, from all the leading manufacturers and will provide you with expert advice.

So whether you require a plasma display to demonstrate your corporate message in reception, display up to the minute news messages, equip your training room or simply use the plasma to show a sports or current event, we can find a tax-free solution for your business.

With a full range of sizes and brands to choose and High Definition LCD TVs starting from as little as £4.99 a week and 42” Plasma Screens starting from only £8.99 a week, you can be certain that Compulease™ can deliver a solution that’s both dynamic and affordable.

click here to find how your plasma screen or LCD screen can be tax-free

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