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Wireless Networks
Make your business a wireless environment

Deploying wireless networks in environments such as manufacturing sites, hospitals, campuses, corporate offices and large facilities is a far cry from setting up a small wireless network at home or in a small office. Add to this complex technologies such

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as laser and microwave for multiple building links and line of sight installations and your IT department are probably in new territory. The benefits however of implementing this affordable and emerging technology cannot be ignored:

• Remove the need for extensive patching and cabling,
• Set up a new office or laboratory quickly, move a whole room of IT equipment easily
• How about saving valuable budget normally spent on cabling costs, engineering and labour?

Wouldn’t it be great to roam the building without losing your connection and the headache of logging onto different machines in different locations? All of these are the likely benefits from developing a wireless strategy.

Whether the implementation is completely a wireless one or a wireless extension to an existing wired network the principles remain the same. A good wireless network has high transmission speeds, a robust design that minimises points of failure and an effective cell and channel structure, whilst providing you with far greater security than that of a traditional wired network.

The way in which wireless network users can move seamlessly between different radio cells is a key factor in delivering network quality as is taking into account other factors that affect signal saturation such as people, equipment, furniture and structural obstacles.

Similarly the design must take into account the number of clients that require band-width, the demands on particular cells and the data traffic volume. All of these will determine the performance and a professional survey is a fundamental factor in ensuring an optimal design.

Compulease™ has the expertise that will ensure you deploy an efficiently functioning WLAN and our experience and strategic relationships with leading wireless product manufacturers such as Proxim, Alvarion and Cisco will be fundamental to the success of your wireless projects and strategies.

So talk to us now about the specialist skills we can offer your office environment. Call 0845 124 9977 or contact us for your no obligation site survey.

Benefits of a Compulease™ wireless network:

• Complete design & implementation
• Robust performance
• Full maintenance support
• 100% Secure
• Total control of access
• Full training on-site
create an income from your wireless network

Wireless Hotspots – An innovative income generator

The Compulease™ wireless hotspot solution is ideal for anyone wishing to provide their customers with instant wireless internet access. Modern and forward thinking, it is easily installed and has purposely been designed to be extremely easy for both the venue and the customers to use.

The hotspot solution is installed independently to the company or business network on a separate ADSL line or using a dedicated private connection. Anyone attempting to connect to the wireless hotspot is automatically guided to a secure portal page on their browser, requested to provide login details, accept a fair use policy and then a secure authentication process occurs. The portal page can be customer branded with a company logo and other branding information.

The solution is perfect for any venue, public or privately owned wishing to provide people with wireless internet access. The hotspot solution can be designed to work in a number of ways both technically and commercially. The hotspot venue can offer a “free vend” style of internet access in order to attract more people in, keep people on the premises longer and differentiate itself from the competition. Alternatively, the internet access can be on a tariff basis with “pay as you go” charges applied according to the amount of internet access time purchased. The hotspot owner retains up to 100% of the revenue, unlike many other wireless hotspot solutions. Technically the solution has been designed so that the amount of bandwidth available per person can be managed quite easily and limits can be set to enforce a fair use policy.

The hotspot solution has been designed so that no technical I.T. skills are required by venue staff in order to enable customer login accounts. The system has a simple user friendly account creation program for creation of customer internet sessions or it can be set up to work with a voucher style system. The customer simply purchases a scratch card at the counter and staff put the payment through the existing EPOS facility or Merchant Services PDQ. The cards have a unique login and user name number which the customer enters into the portal page.

Typical type of venues which use a wireless hotspot solution include: hotels, meeting & conference centres, managed offices, coffee shops, wine bars, leisure facilities, any premises with a reception area, relaxation areas, internet cafes, pubs, museums, places of public interest, libraries, student campuses, halls of residences & shopping centres.

Typical Hotspot Solution includes:

• Wireless Hotspot Hardware unit & ADSL Modem
• Management Software
• Starter Pack of 250 scratch cards
• Installation
• Training

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