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SchoolNet - PC Computer Networks for schools
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Imagine a new type of PC network for your school which is...

easier to secure

easier to install

easier to maintain

easier to manage

and actually costs
much less to install
& operate

Not possible?

Think again...

SchoolNet school computer networks

imagine the benefits for your school

• Imagine increasing the speed and efficiency of the PCs & Laptops within your school and paying up to 40% less in the process

• Imagine having a more secure network environment where all the workstations were controlled and monitored from one single point

• Imagine being able to install a new workstation in under 5 minutes, applications fully loaded

• Imagine increasing the productivity of your IT staff and freeing up their time for more pro-active support

• Imagine having PC hardware that had no value to thieves


For further information
on how SchoolNet™
can improve
your school environment contact us
today on
0845 124 9977
or click here

The cost savings

SchoolNet™ PCs and laptops provide significant cost savings over traditional PCs. In a study conducted on users migrating from traditional PCs to SchoolNet™ the following benefits were experienced:

• Reduction in hardware & software costs by 40%
• Reduction in IT operation costs by 29%
• Increase in IT staff productivity by 78%
• Reduction in worker downtime by 88%

And because there are huge savings in hardware and software costs…you get more…‘more hardware for your budget’, which means that, your school children have greater accessibility to PCs.

Enhanced Security

Pupils sitting in front of SchoolNet™ will see the same screen as a traditional PC, so there will be no apparent difference and no user training will be necessary. However, unlike PCs, SchoolNet™ PCs are in the complete control of the IT Department, and all connections to the outside world happen through a centralised easily managed source. So unlike traditional PC Networks where every device has to be closely monitored for security breaches and the opportunity to create independent connections to the Internet is a very real possibility, all web connections, e-mail, applications and data on a given SchoolNet™ network come through a single point, which is securely and tightly managed by the IT Department.

The PCs and laptops used on SchoolNet™ are entirely different to traditional PC hardware and as a result, schoolchildren cannot install anything on to the PC or amend a profile, which may cause a security risk to the school network. Everytime a SchoolNet™ PC or laptop is switched off it restores itself to its original profile and settings.

No Value to Thieves

Because the PCs and laptops used on SchoolNet™ don’t have built in Hard Disks, and software, they don’t have any value to the outside world. This is because outside the school network, they will not work as stand-alone PCs, therefore they are not attractive to thieves as there is no easily available re-sale market.

Less IT support

On a SchoolNet™ network, because all web connections,
e-mail, applications and data come through a single point, the benefits to the IT Department are tremendous. Firstly the likelihood of rogue viruses, Trojan horses and other malware entering into the system are vastly reduced because the IT department can focus all of its monitoring tools on a single connection. Secondly it makes the job of distributing application updates so much simpler and quicker, releasing valuable time for the IT staff to be deployed in other more productive areas.

In the unlikely event a workstation goes down you simply unplug one SchoolNet™ PC or Laptop and plug another one in and it’s ready to go. There’s no re-installation of all the school application software, which can take up hours of valuable staff time.

Laptops for SchoolNet™

Both PCs and Laptops are available on SchoolNet™ and the technology is designed to provide you greater performance in terms of speed and efficiency for your existing network infrastructure.

The SchoolNet™ laptop technology brings even further benefits to your school’s portable computing: Improved screen technology, lighter weight and greater battery power will ensure that pupils can learn anytime and anywhere within the school. SchoolNet™ laptops are designed to work with both wireless & hard-wired networks and due to the laptop’s built-in wireless technology you will notice explosive performance within wireless network environments.

...and because they are significantly less expensive than normal laptops you will get more for your budget.
...on average up to 29% more.


SchoolNet™ is an effective solution for any school or college looking to optimise their IT budgets and create more secure and easier to manage IT infrastructures.

Compared with desktop PCs, SchoolNet™ features lower acquisition costs, lower support costs and greatly enhanced IT staff productivity.

But of course, the benefits of SchoolNet™ extend beyond purely financial ones. The SchoolNet™ architecture allows schools to heighten their defences against external & internal security threats and unauthorised user changes which are often cleverly disguised as schoolboy pranks.

For further information on how SchoolNet™ can improve your school environment contact us today on 0845 124 9977 or click here


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