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Wireless Networks - Make your school a wireless environment

Wouldn’t it be great to roam the school without losing your connection and the headache of logging onto different machines in different classrooms?

Whether the implementation is completely wireless or a wireless extension to an existing wired network the principles remain the same. A good wireless network has high transmission speeds, a robust design that minimises points of failure and an effective cell and channel structure.

The benefits however of implementing this affordable and secure technology now so greatly outweigh the traditional hard-wiring networks, that they can no longer be ignored:

Find out about the Benefits of wireless networks:

True mobility. Be anywhere within the wireless footprint and have access at any time to the network via wireless connectivity. Link prefabs or remote buildings to the network without the use of expensive and unsightly wiring.

Encourages children to use mobile equipment more often, library, quiet zones etc. Proven fact that this increases the rate of learning.

I.T. exams. Exam location is no\longer confined to one room – with Centrino laptops for example, any room or location within the wireless coverage area can be quickly assigned as an exam room

e-Registration – can be done anywhere within the school using any wireless device (laptop, PDA, tablet etc)

I.T equipment is no longer fixed to the desk it is sat on or the ethernet point it is plugged into. Equipment can be relocated anywhere you wish, providing you with freedom and flexibility

No classes are ever out of action. A class of children/students can literally be relocated within minutes to a spare room in cases of emergency (ie heating malfunction) and teaching can continue as normal using the wireless network

Reduced support costs – reduced amounts of cabling and ethernet points. Future expansion or relocation of departments/classes doesn’t entail new cabling or new ethernet points to be installed. This reduces the cost of maintenance contracts as there is less to support and less chance of network / equipment failure.

Easy expansion to new services over your existing wireless infrastructure:
Voice over IP
Wireless CCTV
Wireless Asset Tagging
Secure Visitor Access
Wireless Projectors

Compulease™ have the expertise that will ensure you of an efficiently functioning wireless network and the experience and strategic relationships with leading wireless product manufacturers and wireless system integrators. So talk to us now about the specialist skills we can offer your teaching environment.

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